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My journey to a holistic practitioner started after raising four children from infants into their teenage years. My experiences as a mother convinced me that what children eat directly affects their moods, their minds and their bodies. In 2010 my studies as a Nutritionist commenced.


Whilst studying at the Endeavour College of Holistic Health in Brisbane, I was drawn to the books about Homeopathy. Slowly, my interest in the holistic system of Homeopathy developed into a passion, and soon after, I decided to complement my studies by beginning an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy at the Endeavour College. Today, I continually devote my time to further studies in Homeopathy with the mentoring support of some of Australia’s best Homeopathic Practitioners and I continue to learn from my clients in the most humbling way.


Health, food and the relationship between these two important elements are my passion. I have had my own challenges throughout my life including both physical and emotional challenges at a personal level; dealing with family relationships; crisis with my own children; work dilemmas and being around many other confrontational issues. For each of these challenges, homeopathy was an essential component of my healing and seeing the balanced restored in my life excites me to bring balance to others.


Australia is my permanent home, though I have also lived in Asia, Europe and America, working alongside communities and people of all ages and backgrounds. If you would like to get to know me futher and see how I can best help you, please get in touch using the contact form or through my details below.


As a homeopath I seek to nurture your pathway to health with care, dignity and love.


With love,

Adele x

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